Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Human

I’m not gay.
I’m not lesbian.
I’m not straight.
I’m not your version of political correctness.
I’m not a conglomerate.
I’m not a communist.
I’m not a voter.
I’m not a politician.
I am just a human being.
Will you still accept me?
Will I fit in?
Will you have me without any of those labels on?
Will you still want to be my friend when you find out I have no beliefs?
I’m not an atheist.
I have no faith.
My only belief is not to have beliefs.
Will you still accept me?
Can I still be your friend?
I’m not a slut.
I’m not a virgin.
I’m not someone’s idea of a perfect person.
I’m none of that.
Never will be.
I’m a clean slate.
Just trying to be a human being.