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"I believe many writers will understand when I say that rather than choosing to write the story, the character chose me to tell her story, and set our initial meeting up in an unusual way.  While on the treadmill in my home office while still living in California, I was listening to a piece on NPR about inmates on death row and the significance of their last meal when I heard a small voice, steeped in the way of the South, ask me what I would want for my last supper.  Needless to say, I hopped off the treadmill, sat down in front of my computer and started writing everything she had to say.
As her story unfolded, it spoke to my own experience with the power of food shared with love, the communion that takes place between the giver and receiver, and the eternal bond that remains long after the giver has departed from this world to the next.  Writing The Last Supper Catering Company allowed me to reexamine the world through the innocent, non-judgmental, and forgiving, eyes of B. Thankful Childe-Lucknow.  She is the embodiment of all I long to be, all that I long the world to be.”

“The Last Supper Catering Company “, tells the story of B. Thankful Childe-Lucknow. Turned out with red corkscrew hair, one eye brown, the other green, and gifted with the power to hear the voices of the departed, B. Thankful is cast aside by the town as the devil’s child and lives an isolated upbringing in the woods. Tragedy, followed by the discovery of a long-forgotten paint-by-number picture of the Last Supper, thrusts B. Thankful from the safety of everything she has ever known. Beyond the boundary of her sheltered life, B. Thankful discovers the world’s hard edges as well as its beauty.  More importantly, with the help of a cast of quirky and tenderhearted souls, she discovers why God made her special.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Human

I’m not gay.
I’m not lesbian.
I’m not straight.
I’m not your version of political correctness.
I’m not a conglomerate.
I’m not a communist.
I’m not a voter.
I’m not a politician.
I am just a human being.
Will you still accept me?
Will I fit in?
Will you have me without any of those labels on?
Will you still want to be my friend when you find out I have no beliefs?
I’m not an atheist.
I have no faith.
My only belief is not to have beliefs.
Will you still accept me?
Can I still be your friend?
I’m not a slut.
I’m not a virgin.
I’m not someone’s idea of a perfect person.
I’m none of that.
Never will be.
I’m a clean slate.
Just trying to be a human being.